Dental Discoveries and Advances

Dental Discoveries and Advances

The dentistry business has gone through some good advances over the years, many of them focusing on keeping the patient happy and comfortable during the process. Most of them also take advantage of the technology available on the market today. Here are just a few new advances.

The days of uncomfortably holding your mouth open while waiting to be x-rayed are over now. Higher tech x-rays are able to scan your mouth and head in seconds without any delay, instead of that big clunky machine taking pictures of you before. The x-rays work faster, provide a clearer image, and use less radiation.

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The use of painless lasers is also coming into play, with the beams of light being used to repair teeth and fix cavities, getting rid of the need for shots and long operation times. Plus, it can be fun to imagine someone is firing a laser into your mouth, it’s the dentistry of the future!

3D printing is also being used to accurately allow dentists to make models of teeth for crowns, surgery, and new teeth. All the dentists have to do is insert the data and an exact replica of the patient’s mouth is printed.

Finally, Bluetooth toothbrushes are being used to help consumers understand their brushing habits. Once teeth are brushed with the high-tech toothbrush, you’ll be able to see problem areas for your mouth, any spots you missed while brushing, and if you are pressing down too hard on your teeth or gums.

Dental advances both technological and biological can be seen in issues of the journal of clinical dentistry, which tracks and discusses these advancements. There’re even more dental successes that are coming out every single month, and all of them will lead to a healthier mouth and more satisfying dental visits.